The New Day
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The story itself grabs you right away and carries you along forcing you to read faster as you absorb every word to find out what happens next in his life. The message is clear throughout the whole book; when we pay attention to what the Christ and the Universe is trying to tell us or guide us through, our lives will be richer and less stressful. Not to say that life will be easy, just smoother as we use our experiences to teach us and move on to the next life lesson.

One thing is consistent throughout his entire tale; he is always open to learning new things and changing the course of his life because he believes in the forces beyond this realm. That knowledge gives him power and truer still peace.

   But the mind can often confuse and mislead us, and is subject to the pitfalls
    of the emotions and the desires. The heart is always true. Just let them feel it once,
    and they will be a believer. The truth is in the feeling.

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Entrepreneurial advice and astonishing tales from a tire company founder and pitchman retracing his spiritual journey.

One October morning in 1995, his life changes forever... (as) God speaks to him, asking if he is ready to fulfill his purpose as a divine servant. . Its the dawning of a new day... So, Curcio embarks on a fantastic... journey of metaphysical discovery that, he says, is now more open than ever for all humanity to join. This spiritualist path will be a revelation to the uninitiated, as will many of the book's other esoteric, believe-it-or-not pronouncements. The latter part of the book is pure Christian-Eastern mystic theology, where explanations of reincarnation and karma appear to show clear understanding... Engaging leap-of-faith answers to the big questions.

                      Why did God come out of the void in the first place?
                      As He tells Curcio, Charles, I just couldn't contain my Self.

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Curcio's story is informative and at times, unsettling. It's filled with examples of miraculous healings and an almost overwhelming impartation of beliefs about the universe, God, spiritual beings, and our purpose. It falls under the general category of the New Age Movement and includes tenets and phenomena such as Christ Consciousness, creative vibrational force, the Archimedean Principle, the Higher Self, the levels of the Astral Plane, the place of unfulfilled lower passions, the discharge and balancing of one's Karma, Channeling, and the Etheric Body, to name a few. Curcio describes the causes of disease as stemming from unhealthy emotions and faulty thinking. He believes a loving God with unlimited grace gives everyone as many chances as they need, through reincarnation, to get it right.

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From a literary standpoint, the book is well written. Curcio's autobiography is one which believers in spirituality will probably love and embrace.

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